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     Jessica Grimes began working with  horses in 1980 in Maryland.  She trained and competed for many years in Dressage, Hunter Jumper, Eventing and even a little Western Pleasure.  In addition to riding, she quickly immersed herself in the world of horses, doing barn chores in exchange for learning anything and everything she could about horses and and their care.  Jessica's early experiences teaching riding lessons began at the age of 14 and she has since had the pleasure of working with many different horses and students in multiple capacities.  
     From 2006 to 2009 Jessica developed and directed a therapeutic equine program for a rehabilitation academy in Northern New Mexico.  This opportunity added a wonderful dimension to her horse experience. 
     Now, working in the Southwest, Jessica has had the privilege of working with the  wild Mustangs that dwell in the area.  Working with these special horses has been an amazing experience, deepening and enriching all previously learned skills.
 Jessica's holistic hoof care practice has been developing since 2007.  Her work is on the cutting edge of a new consciousness  emerging in the world of hoof care.  She has facilitated  multiple successes in dealing with chronic founder and navicular cases.  She has transitioned many horses from "needing" to be shod to sound, happy, barefoot horses. ​She continues to be a student of the hoof and the horse.   
     Jessica's other passion is Dance and movement study.  She studied ballet, modern and contemporary Dance at Peabody Institute of performing arts in Baltimore and danced for a modern dance company in Taos.  She has performed in Baltimore, New York, and here in New Mexico.  Jessica has also dabbled in Martial Arts and other somatic studies. Blending Dance and Horsemanship is an extremely rich and rewarding experience.  
    Jessica has studied Homeopathy, Herbalism, Massage and other forms of Holistic Health care and applies these understandings to horse care. 
Gideon was born in the wild.  His father is an amazing black Mustang. His mother was  a  beautiful feral Shire.  He was orphaned by his herd and found by a rancher, barely alive, at the age of about 4 weeks.  He is now 6 years old and a happy, healthy member of our 3 horse domestic herd.
These two photos  by Judy Barns. On the left is Gideon's mother, on the right is is father.
Isadora and Duncan
Isadora and Duncan are brother and sister from the same parents.  Isadora was born and then a year later she stayed up all night circling her mother as the mare gave birth to Duncan.  They are so connected that they often move in perfect sync. Together they have chased off a mountain lion and recently had an adventure where they ran wild with  a herd of 30 elk!