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            Riding lessons are based on the philosophies and practices of Balance Seat, or Centered Riding, and blended with the disciplines of Dance, Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkreis and Martial Arts.  We also use exercises designed to introduce new neurological pathways in the brain and allow new channels of perception and awareness to develop.  This approach to equitation offers a deep level of training unlike any other.  Riders develop the ability to stay centered and balanced no matter what the horse is doing.  Students learn to use the whole body and more subtle senses to communicate with the horse, and cultivate a greater sense of connection and awareness.  

          Classes not only focus on the physical aspects of learning to ride well, but also encompass the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of working with horses.  This work is great for beginners as it builds a solid foundation of skills from which to grow.  For more experienced riders this work enhances and strengthens any discipline of riding.  These classes also provide a therapeutic setting and an excellent opportunity for riders to overcome any fear issues or blocks in learning and skill development.  This work is a great way to get in shape, with a strong focus on core strength development, flexibility and alignment. 

          Classes offer a progressive course of training to develop the rider's balance, strength and coordination.  Exercises that activate both hemispheres of the brain, facilitate the nervous system in releasing negative holding patterns, and foster proper body alignment are featured.  Core strength and coordination are developed as are confidence, focus and presence. 


            Horsemanship classes provide the student with opportunities to learn different aspects of the world of horses and the horse - human relationship.  A broad range of skills, information and practices are covered in the classes.

           The classes are a blend of ground work, riding and practical Equine knowledge.  The classes are designed to meet each student's individual interests, age, skill level, etc...   The semi-private class is a great opportunity for a parent and child to learn together and ride together.  These are great classes for a new horse owner or soon to be horse owners.  

          Experienced horse owners can learn more in-depth, advanced skills such as Equine massage, training techniques, holistic health care, hoof care etc...  These classes are also a great opportunity for those who desire to have a relaxed atmosphere in which to simply spend time with horses for the therapeutic benefits, spiritual enrichment and fun.   

           Students can customize their learning experience and choose from many different topics from which to learn.  In addition to balance seat riding, some of the topics of the Horsemanship classes include but are not limited to:   Safety, ground work, training, Equine massage, Anatomy, hoof care, nutrition, and saddle fitting. 
 Private lessons are $45 per class or $350 for 10 classes. One semi private class is $75 for both or $600 for 10 classes (covers both students) Each class is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.
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