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 ...the step of the horse

    Taos Horse was founded in 2007 with the purpose of celebrating and serving the Horse.  We have a passion for horses .  It is our mission to offer services and experiences which foster respect and harmony within the ever evolving relationship between horse and human.   We come from a place of deep appreciation and gratitude for horses.  They continue to enhance our lives in so many ways. 

    For horse owners, Taos Horse provides superior natural, holistic hoof care. This approach to hoof care honors the perfection of the hoof when it is allowed to be in it's natural state.  
    We also offer training and riding lessons for you and your horse. Learn how your experience with your horse can blossom with kind, clear horsemanship.

    For adult students we offer the best riding instruction in the area.  An innovative and unique training program for the beginner through the advanced equestrian. 

    Our children's programs are amazing.  We learn important life skills  while having a magical time! Riding lessons, summer camps,  group classes and more. 

    In addition we offer workshops, special events and custom rides. 

"The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horses ears" 
Arabian proverb